Alkalife Bicarb Balance Ph Booster

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pH Balance with Calcium® is a tablet which contains calcium carbonate powder with a time-release compound and enteric coating.  The calcium carbonate, upon entering the bloodstream, becomes calcium bicarbonate by the dissolving action of carbonic acid in the blood.

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Alkaline Booster in Tablet Form

For a low bone density condition, pH Balance with Calcium® is highly recommended.  It is also a helpful option for people who cannot tolerate potassium and/or sodium.

  • Increases Hydration and Energy
  • Detoxifies & Supports Wellness
  • Helps Neutralize Acid in the Bloodstream
  • Improves the Immune System
  • Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients More Effectively

Each bottle contains 60 tablets, a 30-day supply.


Each tablet contains 220 mg of calcium carbonate in a time-release compound and is enteric coated.

Directions:  Adults:  

Two tablets daily, after a meal.  Children: One tablet daily after a meal.  Do not break tablet apart.


Calcium carbonate in natural form may contain impurities that can do harm in the blood. Calcium carbonate in pH Balance with Calcium®  is impurity-free!

Available in:

Aruba & Curacao

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