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Albicansan® D5 for Injection

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Albicansan D5 ampoules liquid dilution for injection.

active substance
Candida albicans D5 Compound 1 ml contains: 1 ml Candida albicans D5 aquos. dil. according to regulations 5b and 11

Alkalife Bicarb Balance Ph Booster

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pH Balance with Calcium® is a tablet which contains calcium carbonate powder with a time-release compound and enteric coating.  The calcium carbonate, upon entering the bloodstream, becomes calcium bicarbonate by the dissolving action of carbonic acid in the blood.



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A multi-faceted formula of nutrients and botanicals designed to safely enhance mood and cognition*

Deproloft-HF combines several mood-enhancing nutrients and botanicals to promote healthy neurotransmitter and adrenal function.* It can enhance cognition, modulate stress, and is non-habit forming.*

Genacol AminoLock Collagen Original – 90 Capsules

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Backed by Scientific Research
The AminoLock Collagen Original Capsules are made following Good Manufacturing Practices. It is also HACCP certified and created using high standard equipment to ensure its sanitation. Moreover, it was also tested through different clinical studies. Moreover, the technology is also pending in terms of its patent. This means that this supplement is backed by clinical research ensuring its efficacy and safety.

Genacol AminoLock Collagen Original is made with 100{7f155a139d18d74aef0ffdc5b1c155f283db2a7af3882dfef06a7a00872f00ef} AminoLock Collagen using a unique technology that minimizes the molecular weight of the collagen to less than 1 k Da to maximize absorption by the body.

  • Support bone strength
  • Maintain healthy joints
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free
  • Made with pasture raised cattle
  • GMP and HACCP certified

Herb-E-Concept – LTO3 – L-Theanine

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Skullcap enhances this combination by stimulating the nervous system and decreasing stress, anxiety, and agitation. Beneficial effects of LTO3 may include increased mental sharpness, improved learning capacity and concentration, relaxation without drowsiness, decreased stress and anxiety, better sleep, and strengthened natural immune system reactions.

As dietary support and under proper medical supervision, LTO3 L-Theanine may in some cases be used as a natural alternative to drugs like Ritalin.

Sanum Arthrokehlan® “A” D6 for Injection

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Specifically effective preparation in isopathic therapy for acute arthritic , as well as degenerative diseases of the spinal column and the entire locomotor apparatus, myalgia and for the treatment of all  diseases of the teeth.